Release date: 2021-12-15

New functionality

Encryption of mobile push notifications

To provide you with a more secure service for all users

New mail template editor

In order to only use European based technical software providers we are replacing Mailchimp and Mandrill for email templates and sending mail from our service, with a new solution hosted by Findity. This will be rolled out before year end.


We are replacing Intercom chat support to a self-hosted Zammad solution.



Hotfix 2021-11-30

FEP-791: Removing a report recipient while sending gives loop

FEP-3970: Can’t create new partners


Hotfix 2021-12-06

FEP-3936: Registration page – welcome text

FEP-3951: Wizard “Dashboard” – Text update

FEP-3954: Updates Integrations page – Wizard

FEP-3958: Configure X file for accounting & payroll clarification text

FEP-3920: Silent failure to send attachments to Fortnox when using refresh tokens

FEP-3998: Modify onboarding translations

FEP-3969: More onboarding fixes

FEP-3977: Delete line from onboarding


Hotfix 2021-12-07

FEP-3895: Integrate with Xero lead generation form

FEP-3971: Create form to handle input from Xero

FEP-4024: Grammar bug in text string for Xero

FEP-4021: Incomplete url for environments other than local


Other improvements

FEP-3500 API reactivate user – When a previously soft deleted user is added again, we now reactives instead of creating a new user. Email and externalID need to be the same as the previous user.

FEP-4045 Update of lastUpdate date is doing unregister expense record from report and nulling card transaction

FEP-4014 Norwegian trips show ‘null’ when Description is empty

FEP-982 Webhook url for api report receivers is not implemented for new accounting

FEP-4023 Cosmetic issue when org menu is on the left

FEP-3891 Foreign currency is displayed incorrectly for the approver in the accounting

FEP-3970 Can’t create new partners

FEP-791 Removing a report recipient while sending gives loop

FEP-3984 Datepickers missing in allowances

FEP-3996 textarea tags should not be self-closing

FEP-3964 Fix layout for approvers drop-down

FEP-3817 After deleting an approval step, it reappears when saving

FEP-3942 Report view too cluttered for translations

FEP-3314 Pre-set dimension category value won’t change after user or admin changes the category

FEP-3538 Wrong Proxy deleted when you have several Proxys and try to delete one

FEP-3994 More blurry Amex cards

FEP-3979 Strange zero amounts in Norwegian allowances

FEP-3642 Unable to download accounting basis (with food benefit)

FEP-3526 Norwegian meal deductions based on full-day allowance for taxable allowances

FEP-3711 Rejected expense record moved to another report makes approval view display report recipients

FEP-3967 Report PDF cannot be rendered

FEP-3695 Cannot send a report for approval when many approvers for the same department

FEP-3524 Norwegian partial allowance miscalculated for taxable allowances that pass 03:01 AM

FEP-3774 preset values not added for mailed in expenses

FEP-3972 Norwegian allowance trips display null value

FEP-3889 Date format is hardcoded in allowance-deductions

FEP-3940 Performance issue: Excel recipient is really slow because it uses slow lookups in large lists

FEP-3727 Predefined dimension value not applied when admin changes category