New functionality 

Finnish Inkomstregistret 

Now we can add email addresses to the file and also sub org code and type. 

Volvo On Call 

Now we are adding description to the mileage from the VoC app. 


Hotfix 2021-11-12 

  • Plausible 

Hotfix 2021-11-17 

  • Infobric connection does not work 
  • Circular reference in custom field lists 
  • Timeout in mon-jobb when bulk sending large jobs 
  • Change connection pool validation settings in db-config.groovy 

Hotfix 2021-11-09 

  • Multiple report recipients and not collecting approved reports sends messages to wrong queue 
  • Removing closures from domain objects, specifically CustomFieldListValue 

Other improvements 

FEP-3314 Pre-set dimension category value won’t change after user or admin changes the category 

FEP-3906 German string missing 

FEP-3727 Predefined dimension value not applied when admin changes category

FEP-3801 Reading billing files for Handelsbanken might set the wrong invoice number.

FEP-3894 Credit on representation with new accounting does not work

FEP-3811 Timepicker: No initial focus 

FEP-3812 Timepicker: Wrong tab order 

FEP-3814 Timepicker: 00:00 stored as 0:0

FEP-3813 Timepicker: Possible to leave picker empty 

FEP-3887 Not able to connect to Norwegian banks via Tink 

FEP-3867 Cannot save approver in an organization created without projects customFieldList 

FEP-3897 Add missing Swedish translations 

FEP-3871 Custom strings for Finnish allowances 

FEP-3825 Allowance setting warning for no obvious reason 

FEP-3919 Finnish allowance can be combined with meal compensation

FEP-2496 Paymentfile ISO20022 – Can not download Payment Basis

FEP-3904 Mails: Subjects are wrong 

FEP-3781 Contact support when not having save mailed in representation receipt

FEP-3734 Amount per unit incorrectly translated to ”Antal per enhet”

FEP-3517 ISO20022 paymentbasis for large batch fails 

FEP-3759 SCIM API does not return inactivated users when listing all users

FEP-3858 Infobric connection does not work