New functionality


Meal compensations together with allowance.


Added license for Mynt Corp cards. Will soon be available in Marketplace

User information

License type available in the user export excel


Hotfix 2021-10-21

  • Rejected expense record moved to another report considered already SENT on next send – FEP-3616
  • Added translations for getting-started guide – FEP-3584
  • Updated Finnish translations – FEP-3621,3622

Other improvements (some of them…)

FEP-3757 SCIM sync sometimes does not set correct cost center

FEP-3699 FN salary recipient fails to sync expense codes and send reports

FEP-3683 Cannot connect FN salary recipient to a new accounting org with FN bookkeeping

FEP-3643 New balancing report not triggered

FEP-3641 ISO payment file – unique reference

FEP-3633 Missing prefix from queue when sending report without RTS or approval enabled

FEP-3616 Rejected expense record moved to another report considered already SENT on next send

FEP-3590 iOS: Bottom menu blends into grey background

FEP-3587 Null shown for country in allowance

FEP-3583 Errors produced for Invoiced opencard transactions

FEP-3577 Wrong (unclear) sort order on paid reports

FEP-3576 Wrong time format in sample date in personal settings

FEP-3574 Opencard solution, VAT is reset when report is created

FEP-3570 Approval – Wider date fields

FEP-3541 Push notification is broken for most android apps

FEP-3427 New users needs to be automatically set to ACTIVE

FEP-3213 App restores card transaction verificationId to previously swapped and now deleted expense

FEP-3115 Can not open Visma Control Summary PDF

FEP-3083 Can’t change hits per page users after coming back from a ”user card”

FEP-2683 Wrong sort order in sent reports (private view)

FEP-3646 Sometimes report goes to more approvers despite it has already been approved

FEP-3645 New balancing report fails

FEP-3625 Whitespace in contact email from xledger common problem

FEP-3608 Exchange rate listed twice in report pdf

FEP-3580 Xledger sync too slow causing connection clause

FEP-3572 Sometimes cannot connect fortnox organization

FEP-3566 Searching user with administrator sort gives error

FEP-3564 Visma PX expense validation fails for representation

FEP-3306 The option to choose ”Attesteras av” as visible falls away

FEP-3198 Sending back a business card report to the user clears the expense count in Reports

FEP-2910 Proxy users that have access to approvers can approve their own reports

FEP-2865 Importing dimension with date interval fails to interpret dates

FEP-2834 Custom recipient, fix for generating accounting basis