New functionality


German accounting regulation for allowance and deduction of meal cost

Representation Place is added in apps for German accounting regulation

Norwegian allowance

Support for separate salary code reporting.

Admin web

Restyling the webpage

License management

The role of Partner Manager should be able to edit the minimum licenses for end customers.

Manual accounting

When having multiple recipients, manual accounting is now stored on the recipient level. Previously we had a problem if an organization has two recipients (for example FN and Hogia) and the user changes to manual accounting and sends a report to FN then go into Hogia step and turn on automatic accounting we clear all accounting (for all recipients) in that expense record so we lose the manual accounting done and the report in CE does not match with the accounting stored in FN.


Hotfix 2021-09-28

Disable creating expenses from reserved transactions in AMEX

Hotfix 2021-09-24

Cannot connect company credit card
Hard delete fails because of sparakvittot removal
License statistics incorrect

Bug fixes (some of them…)

FEP-3527 Finnish translation

FEP-3464 Reminder/Approval headers will disappear when entering from license info tab

FEP-3502 Files missing from balancing report page

FEP-3493 Not possible to add attachments to expense

FEP-3284 Change ”bilagor” to ”fler bilagor”

FEP-3466 Fix Swedish strings in UI

FEP-3418 Swedish translation missing (expenses)

FEP-3411 English UI file not sorted

FEP-3430 Update Swedish translations

FEP-3410 Swedish translations missing from UI

FEP-3532 Grails error during preview of manually accounted report

FEP-3446 Card Transaction misc bugs

FEP-3361 Missing option sendNegativeAbroadTaxOutput for new accounting

FEP-3462 Backend memory leaks

FEP-3455 Wrong endpoint used for accounting basis in new accounting

FEP-3486 subledger null value prevents sync of users

FEP-3393 License statistics incorrect

FEP-3409 Opencard business card expenses cannot swap until invoiced

FEP-3549 Nightly sync broken for Visma eEkonomi and Payroll

FEP-3364 Tink: Handle missing callback url from Nordea BankId

FEP-3514 Net zero in Norwegian allowance crashed grails

FEP-3412 English string file for login not sorted

FEP-3359 Output differences depending on old/new accounting for Finnish partial allowance

FEP-3317 Exchange servers do not log with correct timestamp

FEP-3385 Allowance – Meal deduction wrong when using DAYS

FEP-3396 Currency list not showing ”most used” at top of list

FEP-3401 Missing and wrong Amex HiRes cards

FEP-1554 New accounting does not disable sync when an error has occurred

FEP-3213 App restores card transaction verificationId to previously swapped and now deleted expense

FEP-3067 Expense report recipient name displayed as null for grouped accounting