Release notes 2020-03-05

mar 9, 2020


New booking country – Finland

Hauska olla täällä – We are adapting our platform for the Finish market. Support has been added for representation expenses and mileage with Finish tax values. Note that this is not yet activated for all Findity partners, as we want to have a controlled roll out and need to add support for representation in our apps, which will be in next release together with subsistence allowance.

New Report recipient Hogia Lön

We have had support for Hogia Lön Plus, now we also have a solution for Hogia Lön. Note, that this recipient only is available when the organisation is using new accounting structure.

Removal of ’Not connected card transactions’

Better management for corporate cards, removed view that was no longer used.

Organisation number in Hogia Lön Plus

We have added organisation number in the Hogia Lön Plus XML file, also the filename has been enriched with it. Note that the organisation needs to run new accounting structure. Add support to use multiple salary recipient

When having two salary recipients you previous had a problem to choose destination for normal expenses due to no payment type was available. We now have created a solution for this in the receipt filter.

Configure user settings page

A new user settings view for administrator to control which fields to be displayed and editable for the end-user. This page will be enabled on CA level and not activated initially, can be activated on request. Only supports private settings on web initially.

Added dimension in recipient filter

Now it is possible to choose destination based on if a dimension is used. Terms & Conditions – CA Level

Our partners and White labels need to present their own terms & conditions for users who signs up and create accounts. We have now developed an internal tool that will better support this.

Bug fixes

Custom dimension filter does not handle ampersand

Improvement in the filtering capabilities on dimensions, now filtering works on ampersand and other url-reserved characters.

Fuel benefits option no longer displayed

The Fuel benefits item in the Functions tab under Optional Services is no longer displayed. Now it is back!

Sendchain not complete even though all items marked SENT

In some rare cases the report status was not changed to the correct value when sending and using 3 report recipients. This is now fixed.

Visibility setting for all not changeable preset dimension fields cleared when saving
any dimension

When I want to hide some dimension fields in the ”Handle more input fields” dialog, my changes are not saved. They return to ”Visible” if the user is allowed to change the value. This is now fixed.

Update library Account number for payment

Account number for payment needs to be updated. Removal of deprecated functions

We have a deprecated function for fetching orgs a user is administrator for, this will increase performance.

Visma TLU-file

Fix for code page issue with scandinavian characters in dimension values.

VAT limit

If you register an expense where the VAT is more than the total incl. VAT, you can submit the report. No error message is generated, even if you set a 25% limit for VAT.

Indexing chunk size leaves reports in wrong status

When an expense report quickly transitions between states sometimes the last state of the report is not indexed, leading to that the report cannot be found in the correct tab when searching.

Invalid url constructed when automile client identifier contains unusual characters

When having specified a client id with a space in and non ascii characters the callback url constructed for use by automile authentication gets wrong.

Add delete user instantly for some integrations

Some client applications normally only sends one user per request to us so the initial delay that awaits more users is not really needed. The initial delay sometimes causes some client applications users to not be deleted.

Slow login

When a user belongs to many organisations/partner the login screen was very slow, now fixed.

Change email to .se does not work

When an external system attempts to change the email of an employee the email is not changed. Now fixed.

Dinner deduction

Food deduction is 50% instead of 35% (using domestic instead of international), now corrected.