Release notes 2020-02-12

feb 14, 2020


Update Eurocard PDF in email

We have now updated the Eurocard order form pdf to the latest version, when a user is ordering company cards from the provider.

Prevent changing of organization number

It has been to easy to change the organization number in an existing organization. We have now write protected this field, and customers needs to contact support if they want this done.This is to prevent mistakes.

Autofill and remember latest email recipient

When an organization is configured to send reports via emails, and has the setting for the user to add an email address in the report, either the users email is set automatically, or the latest email address is remembered and pre filled. Before this change the email field was always empty for the user to fill in.

Problem with negative amount in advanced subsistence allowance settings

In advanced settings for subsistence allowance, when entering a negative amount, in order to config a lower compensation rate than Skatteverkets non-taxable rate, for individual allowances for each country. A negative amount is not stored in the settings page and reports are calculated wrong when using negative amounts. This is now fixed.

Removal of ’Not connected card transactions’

We have now removed the card for end users that was called ‘Not connected card transactions’, since it’s no longer used. This clears up the Dashboard a bit. We have also removed ‘trash cans’ that was used to unconnect company card transactions from expenses. These are also not used anymore.

Optimize speed for FTG management tool backend service

Optimize speed for FTG management tool backend service We need to better SQL-queries and not return stuff that is not needed for the overall status page and instead return all details when open up a report for edit.

Improve FTG management tool for support

This will improve our internal handling of corporate cards.

Add read only transaction on get-endpoints

To reduce concurrent update issues we have today we want to make sure we don’t make updates to objects for endpoints that only should fetch data. This will improve stability in the platform.

Support for configuration of booking countries

We have now built in configuration for new booking countries, that we will use as we go in to new markets/countries. This is the first step and we will continue this work, and add new report recipients, features and additional services per country. This is an internal Findity function, but we can now let our partners order new countries to their offering.

Expense from Kivra receipts

Kivra has now deployed a new functionality for receipts in Kivra, that is enabled by the Findity Digital Receipts platform. Built in to the Kivra solution is a way to Expense receipts, and in this version of our platform we have now opened up for end users to connect the the Kivra platform, so that users can efficiently expense digital receipts. We have added an additional service for this both on organization and privat level. We will roll out this functionality with selected organizations during Kivras pilot.

Bug fixes

Android crash when accessing Settings after login

This is now fixed

Account number is not validated in app

When user enters account number in the private settings, using the app, there is no validation for incorrect/correct account number. This is now fixed.

Benefits visible as regular categories (Android)

Fuel as well as congestion charge benefits could in some cases been displayed in the category list on Android. This is now corrected.

Wrong food deductions from subsistence allowances in year 2020

The deductions for subsistence allowances for 2020 was calculated wrong. This is now corrected.

Wrong payment interval for new customers in end of year

New customers created after first of december but before 15:th that gets broken period got the wrong price on their invoice. This is now fixed.

Can’t reject report in admin view

In some rare scenarios the report ended up with error status when being rejected. This is now corrected.

Wrong name on “Hogia Lön Plus” recipient

We had the wrong name and description for ’Hogia Lön Plus’, this is now changed.

Improved search for companies with special characters

Now you can search for organizations containing characters like + or &.

Some more space around icon on iOS

On Android there is some space around the icon over the background image but on iOS there is no space. We want it to look similar on ios as on Android. This is now adjusted so they look the same.

Custom fields are overwritten, bank transaction

In some cases fields are overwritten when the expense is created and matched with card transaction. Dimension values sometimes was blanked out. This is now corrected.

Function ”fetch from existing expense”

Fetch from existing expenses sometimes fails resulting that the company card report can’t be sent. This is now corrected.

iPhone fails to open approval and receipt notification

An error occurs when opening an approval notification using an iPhone with locked screen. The same happens if the user opens a notification for an emailed receipt and the user is connected to multiple organisations. This is now corrected.

Can’t type negative amount expenses on the web

This is now fixed.

Dimensions in apps

When a user try to change to another dimension in the app in some cases the change wasn’t stored. This is now corrected.

Flush error when mailing many different incoming receipts from the same store

When there are many incoming mails that contain receiptimages from the same store, a flush error can occur because another server might have updated the receipt counter. This is now fixed.

Store not set from receipt

When analyzing a receipt that previously got the store_id field set, the store_id field is no longer set. Resulted in that no store icons was presented.