Release notes 2019-11-20

jan 31, 2020

Please observe that this is release notes for 2019-11-20!


Counter on Report Recipients in Ready to Send tab

We need to add counters to the Report recipients in Admin mode,
Reports view, Ready to Send tab. Today we only see the total in the tab
header, but when using multiple report recipients some of them are on
the first step, and some on the next We need a counter on each report
recipient. In case there is only one, this is not an issue.

Add tag in get list values

Need to be able to fetch tags during get list values in API

IOS dark mode support.

Added support for dark mode.

Support for congestion (benefit) in app, iOS

We need to implement support for congestion (benefit) in apps
too. Use the responsive web to link in.

Add UI for AllowOnlyFtg setting

Make it possible to set/clear the flag to only allow sending business-card reports in UI.

Integration xLedger

Added integration to xLedger for bookkeeping, similar to other integrations but needs configuration to be functional.