Release Notes 2020-01-22

jan 28, 2020


Excel recipient – new updates/features

There are some new functions for the Excel recipient, that enhances what can be done.
It is now possible to specify the date format for the exported file.
It is also possible to combine several fields into one column.
The business card invoice number can be added in the output, and the file name can be set for the output file.

Add standard allowances for 2020

New values has been added from the tax authority, for year 2020, so that all allowances will continue work over the year end.

Basis for expense (the receipt image) can now be configured optional.

The Norwegian market has the need to be able to send in expenses of small amounts, without requiring a receipt image, so this can now be configured in the back-end, i.e no gui available.

Xledger – Allowance support

There is now support for Subsistence Allowance also for the xLedger report recipient.

Performance improvement listing expense reports

We have improved performance for listing reports, both in end user view, and in admin view. This improves responsiveness in the system.

Instruction about how to type Swedbank account number

When entering the account number for a user, it has been hard to understand, especially for Swedbank users, how to do this correctly.
We have added more information in the help text that makes this more clear.

Support for handle and add booking countries

In our internationalization of the system we have now added settings for handling booking countries for our client applications (CA). It is now, for instance, easy to set up a Norwegian CA, that automatically only uses Norway as the booking country.

Implement percentage adjustments on currency conversion

We have now added a setting on organizations that is used for having more accurate exchange rates when purchasing abroad. Since most card issuers take a fee, like 2% or so, the exchange rates has always been to low, and the buyer had to change amount to receive a more accurate reimbursement.
Now it is possible to add a percentage to all foreign purchases, to get a more accurate amount. Setting is found on in Advanced Settings on the Workflow card.

International date formats

In our internationalization of the system we have added support for showing locale formatted dates. The date format will now be set depending on the language set in the web browser. This is only for the web application.

Clarification and warnings when using several report recipients

When you are using several recipients all expense types are exposed in the GUI even if they are not used, we should only show those expense types that are used.
Also it is not mandatory to include one expense type or payment type per recipient, this needs to be mandatory (so at least one recipient is included for the payment or expense type) so there is no error for customers, today ”no accounting reports” are submitted.
This will assist customers not to miss important configurations.

OBS! Note that if the customers do not use the automatic card transactions service, there will be a warning that “Company card reports” is not included in any report recipient. This can be ignored and we will find a solution for not exposing this payment type if not used.

Bug fixes

Fields are overwritten, bank transaction

If you fill in all fields in an expenses that is automatically created by the bank transaction and then after that pair the transaction with its manually created expense / receipt, all fields are overwritten. This handling has been improved.

Reports not destined for the current report receiver stays in TRANSFER

When sending reports from “Ready to send” in an organization that has multiple report receivers to a report receiver that does not want some of the reports expenses, those ”unwanted” reports will remain in TRANSFER with their chain updated to SENT. This causes problem since they cannot be sent further. The unwanted reports status is now moved to the next status.

Impersonator Employees on user (API)

Adding delegate/impersonatorEmployee with externalsourceID now works.

When exporting user excel, users get company card true even though they don’t have any card connected to their user

If you have a card connection on your company the exported excel will show “TRUE” on all user even if some users don’t have a verified card.

Now only verified card user should get status “TRUE”.

Incorrect browser autocomplete selection

In some cases when creating a partner the system wrongly asked if the user wants to save username & password, and filled in the organization number with an email address.

This is now fixed.

Slow performance when updating expense

In some cases we had performance issues when updating expenses.

This is now corrected.

Dot and comma didn’t work properly on the Edge web browser

Norwegian users had a problem to enter amounts including decimals, since dots and comma characters are used differently in Sweden and Norway.

Now it is possible to use either or.

Respect generatepdf false option also when rendering from report receiver

Sometimes customers that sent many reports might get an error when generating the paymentbasis pdf from the report receiver. This causes the entire job to fail even when the pdf does not deliver information the customer is interested in.

Now those pdf’s aren’t generated if a certain setting is set.

Can’t view reports when former report recipient is deleted

User and admin could not view reports with status SENT after an organization has deleted a report recipient that was active when the report was sent. Error message displayed and report appears ”empty”.

Delete recipient reference Fortnox Bokföring not active for administrators

The delete recipient reference/verification on reports sent to Fortnox Bokföring does not work for any other administrator than those with Findity admin role. The function shows in GUI for all CA but nothing happens when you click it.


Fix to connect to new stores with merchant partner site.

Cannot create expense category

In certain situations you could not create or save categories, this has now been fixed.

Organization number lookup is too slow

Performance improvements have been done when looking up organization based on VAT the lookup method

Long loading time when opening partner view

Performance improvements applied to this view

Large amount of customfields index deletion failures

Internal fix

Mail retry functionality not working

Fix for retries corrected.

Split up the job that read invoice files each morning.

Internal fix.

Android app sends incorrect dates for Norway

When creating a subsistence allowance there are dates set to ”0001-01-01T00:00:00Z” which means the database will think this is a valid date. This has the problem that when included to an expense report it will block this person from creating another subsistence allowance within that ”extended” timeframe.

Expense without receipt image script not working on IOS

Special fix for IOS when creating an expense without any receipt image. Valid for Norwegian users.

Cannot add new approver (level three) if a total of three certifiers are already saved at other levels

Problem occurred when using department approval structure. Now fixed.

When saving the flow for approvers the third approver disappears

For some customers this problem occurred, now fixed.

Searching for users

When searching for names under users there can sometimes be problem to find user on a company with many users.
This is now fixed.

Long company name in android for representation

When expense is representation and you write in a long company name, the view didn’t look good.
The rendering of this now is changed.

Company card transactions analysis

When taking a photo for a card transaction or when importing an expense to a card transaction.
Apps works differently and not correctly

Now we have the same behaviour for both IOS and Android.

Send chain modified when invoking send

When administrators sends reports the send chain can be modified the could cause unnecessary OptimisticLockingExceptions in the back-end. This was caused by sort method being called.