Travel and Expense Management

Travel and expense management doesn’t need to be so difficult. Findity Expense Management brings you the most innovative and comprehensive solution available for cutting T&E costs while making it easier for travelers to file accurate and timely expense reports.

Travel and Expense Management from Findity provides a solution for enterprise-wide travel and expense automation. It supports advanced travel rules to make the claims process more controlled and easier for everyone. With the new user experience, travelers and approvers can easily capture receipts digitally, approve plans and claims, and create expense claims – all from their mobile devices.

Photograph Expenses

• Photograph expenses with the camera on your phone or tablet. Take photos of receipts during business trips, and have them available when creating expense claims. This can all be done on the go using a smartphone or tablet. The Built-in OCR capability recognizes all the important data and automates the boring task of registering receipts.

• Receive digital receipts from connected stores, hotels, taxi companies and more. Digital receipts are automatically added to your account and you can easily add them to an expense report.

• Claim expenses more easily via integration with corporate credit cards. Purchases made using corporate credit cards or travel accounts are automatically transferred into Finditys travel and expense system.

• Receive a notification when an expense is ready to be claimed. App or email notifications will alert employees when corporate card purchases or digital receipts have arrived in the system and can be added to a claim.

• Create travel expenses based on existing travel plans easily. Findity can automatically match claims to plans and approve claims within set tolerances.

• Ensure that per diems and vehicle usage costs are reimbursed correctly. Built-in rules an integration with vehicle tracking systems calculate per diems and vehicle usage costs according to local legislation, collective agreements and company policies, removing the need for guessing as well as minimizing opportunities for fraud.

Create Expense Reports

Create expense reports from the convenient app or from your browser. All claims including documentation is automatically included in an expense report and sent to the office.

We provide close integrations with several leading ERP and book-keeping systems as well as easily processed SIE files for other systems.

Travel and Expense Management from Findity is provided via Companyexpense for businesses and Sportexpense for sport clubs.