Stamp Cards

Stamp Cards Improve Customer Loyalty

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Stamp cards provided via the Findity loyalty rules engine connected to your digital receipts are a great way to improve customer loyalty.

Gone are the days of cluttered wallets or fumbling about in queues trying to find that flimsy stamp card you’ve properly rinsed through the washing machine. You can use your Findity app at a bunch of retailers you probably already visit and earn stamps with your purchased.

A mobile stamp card gives businesses extra benefits

Build an audience you can communicate to directly.
Understand the recency, frequency and even spend of each customer that has registered – so you can communicate and reward based on the loyalty of each customer.
Track the performance of the program using the Findity dashboard.
Prevent fraud – the stamps are directly related to the point of sale and the digital receipt.
Stamp cards via Findity are enabled by suppliers in our partner network.