Loyalty Rules Engine

Powerful, flexible and easy to use

The Findity loyalty rules engine makes your digital receipts even more useful. And we do everything we can to make getting started as simple as possible.

Customise Earn/Redemption Rules

Set custom earn and redemption rules – per program, customer demographics, store location, date & time, amount spent, goals reached, products bought and reward a customer for an event type.

Event Types – Reward a Customer for an Event Type

A store visit – Get a free cup of coffee on your 3rd visit
Points reached – Get 100 bucks cash bonus when you reach 500 points
Utilization – Swipe your loyalty card 20 times this month and get a free movie ticket
Spending Tier(s) – Spend 100 bucks or more and get 5% cash-back
Unlimited Rule creation

Customer Insights – Know your Customer

Pull your loyalty customers’ transactional reports with the touch of a button in the Findity dashboard. Filter by line item, location, rules, and more. See your customer spend data displayed on easy-to-understand charts. And dramatically increase the success of your promotions by using this data to make informed decisions about the type of campaigns you run and to whom.

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Sophisticated Rules Engine

With numerous options and combinations to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild.

Set Rewards For The Following: New Enrolment, Customer’s Birthday, Spend X – Get Y, Spending Tiers, Goal Reached, % Cash Back, Visits, Points, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Product (SKU) Specific, Department Group, Supplier Based, Tender Type, Specific Date And Time, Day Of Week/Month, Customer Segments, Individual Stores, Groups of Stores. There are 100’s of Options.

Powerful Customer Loyalty Programs are Built in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Create your Store
Set up each of your stores
Bricks & Mortar,
E-Commerce or Both

Step 2
Set up your Rules
Spend X, Get Y
% Cash Back
Gift Cards
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Customer Segments

Step 3
Launch your program on your POS
via your website,
mobile phone,
or Facebook


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