Mobile Wallet & Payments Services

Digital receipts is a game changer for mobile wallets and mobile payment services.

Digital receipts is the natural add-on to mobile wallet and mobile payment services. Digital receipts and associated value added services from Findity can easily be added as a feature into existing wallet and mobile payment apps via our API. Users of the wallet or payment app will have their receipts available at all times.

Most digital wallet players to date have focused on a limited objective – speedier payment, not on an improved mechanism for consumers to shop, spend, save and engage with their favorite retailers. It’s not difficult for shoppers to pull out a debit or credit card and swipe because they always carry those cards. But shoppers don’t like to carry all their gift cards, loyalty cards and coupons because there are too many. Integrating those, as well as ID and digital receipts, into a mobile wallet is when it will become game changing.