Merchant Solutions

Consumers desire for digital receipts has been apparent for many years and the reasons vary from person to person and depend on the type of purchase. It is clear that “One size” doesn’t fit all. Different solutions, providing unique values, have to be provided by different retail categories.

Consumer loyalty is based on a variety of non-measurable variables and emotions and we know that retailers are constantly working with questions like the following:

  • Is the visitor someone who wants to feel connected to or stand out?
  • If the answer to above is yes, how do I get the customer to feel special?
  • How do I get the visitor to become a customer?
  • How do I create a shopping journey that is less dependent on cash-treatment by staff or a bad day?
  • Can I receive feedback related to the purchase / product?
  • How can I communicate with a customer who initially is not loyalty club member?
  • In what way can I create opportunities for additional sales related to previous purchases made by customer I do not know?
  • How do I get this customer want to revisit my store?

Providing engaging and enriching customer experiences is the strongest way to grow your business. Findity provide solutions for the ”last mile” between you and your customers. With our service, ordinary customer documents, such as receipts, guarantees, bonus cards etc, become powerful and well-designed tool for one-to-one marketing. The Findity digital receipts platform enables brand-consistent document design, including extensive rule-based capabilities.

Findity help you enable digital value added services like gift cards and bonus cards, coupons, offers and stamp cards. These services can also be added via the digital receipts platform into existing apps and web services.

Content such as marketing messages, campaigns, cross- and up-sell offers are integrated to your Point Of Sales Systems, as well as your backend and loyalty systems. Findity places control of communication in the hands of the marketing and sales professionals, minimizing the need for IT invention and delays.

With the Findity Digital Receipts solution, retailers can handle ALL of their receipts and more

  • Easy and fast setup via POS integrations
  • Offer customers a Tax Authority approved digital receipt
  • Add documents as enclosures; warranty, assembly & installation, user guides
  • Using the GreenBin, which means no more paper is wasted for unwanted receipts
  • Use the digital receipt to gain Instant Feedback of the visit from your customers, or to deliver a discout for the next purchase
  • Offer value added services like gift cards, vouchers and stamp cards