Loyalty and Engagement


If a paper receipt is trash, a digital receipt is by definition a giant opportunity for every business to communicate with every customer every time they buy something. The receipt is becoming a new channel for communicating with your customers. Regardless of weather  they are part of your loyalty program or not.

findity digital receipt solution

Seamless sales experience

By integrating Finditys solution in both the POS system and the E-commerce system the digital receipt becomes the link between these sales channels – an entry point to online stores for additional sales. The solution also provides secure and easy handling of returned goods. No matter whether they were purchased online or in a physical store.

Findity provides you with a basis for comparing online with offline. How does your e-commerce business support your physical store? Does your customer add items in the e-commerce chart and complete their purchases in your store? Do they buy the same items they placed in the e-commerce chart or other items?


Digital receipts are a valuable channel to enrol new customers to your loyalty program as customers can do it in the context of their purchase and your brand even after they left the store. Findity offers a loyalty rules engine that facilitates loyalty enrolment as well as Bonus Cards, Gift Cards, Stamp Cards and Coupons associated with the digital receipt.

Customer feedback

Through the digital receipt, stores and customers can interact with each other for product related feedback and information.