Greenbin is a unique, environmentally friendly, digital version of the physical waste bin for receipts.

No one seems to want paper receipts, and few people really need them, yet they are everywhere, and even worse, unsustainable. Over 1 billion litres of oil, 10 million trees and 4 billion litres of water are consumed each year in the creation of receipts for the United States alone, generating 700 000 tonnes of waste. Millions of paper receipts are printed every day just to be thrown in a waste bin.Using Greenbin, unwanted receipts can be discarded electronically while staying compliant with tax authority regulations.

Merchants using Greenbin:

  • Create a better customer experience
  • Reduce cost and handling of paperrolls and waste
  • Use less natural resources and unfriendly toxic substances like Bisfenol A, common in thermo receipts paper
  • Have shorter queuing times at the cashier

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