Digital Receipts

Why Do Digital Receipts Matter?

Honestly, how often do you save a receipt when you make a purchase? 1 in 10 times? 1 in a 100?
9 out of 10 consumers think it’s important to save receipts for durable goods such as consumer electronics and home appliances which come with a warranty. Only 1 in 10 saves receipts for food or smaller purchases. All these receipts, which in many cases contains Bisphenol A and cannot be recycled, are thrown in the bin to no good use.


As everybody have been busy discussing mobile payment, m-commerce and omnichannel, we have been listening. Listening and developing and reworking an infrastructure that will help redefine interaction in the supply chain.

We have developed a complex and reliable infrastructure for digital receipts that can fully replace paper receipts and the processes associated with them such as recalls, returns and reclaims regardless of method of payment.
Our platform is certified and approved for digital receipts by the Swedish Tax Authority. Our platform enables retailers to save the receipts their customers want and to dispose of unwanted receipts digitally – without unnecessary waste.

A sustainable receipt solution offers you safer trade and gives you infinite possibilities to interact with your customers after they have left your store.

“We want to show that we are investing in new technology and sustainability. “
– Malin Wessman, Head of CRM, Retail and Brands (RNB)

More than 120 000 people use our Swedish consumer service Sparakvittot to save their receipts digitally. Being web-based, it is available on all major mobile platforms – iOS, Android and Windows.

We provide our solution to leading retailers and market places such as Brothers, Polarn O. Pyret, JC, Frendo, Gulf and many more. The platform is integrated with major POS systems, including Extenda, EG Retail, Wave Data and Navipro. This makes it easy for retailers to offer digital receipts.

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