Beyond Checkout

A digital receipt strategy must add value throughout the customer experience ecosystem. When retailers and manufacturers see process improvements in the form of fewer calls to their helpdesk because customers get access to instructional videos with their receipts, that is added value. Integrating a digital receipt system in a product information management (PIM) system ensures that customers get all the information they need.

Similarly, outsourcing return and service processes to customers through consumer app dialogs powered by Findity adds value to the whole ecosystem.


Digital Receipts

The Findity digital receipts platform is a  sophisticated and reliable infrastructure for digital receipts that can fully replace paper receipts and the processes associated with them such as recalls, returns and complaints regardless of payment method.



Greenbin is a unique, digital and environmentally friendly version of the physical waste bin for receipts. Using Greenbin, unwanted receipts can be discarded electronically while staying compliant with tax authority regulations.


Travel and expense management

Travel and expense management doesn’t need to be so difficult anymore. Findity Expense Management brings you the most innovative and comprehensive solution available for cutting T&E costs while making it easier for travelers to file accurate, timely expense reports.